View Full Version : VXRO Mega Meet T-Shirt Order

22nd August 2014, 07:20 PM
Evening Folks,

For the people who are wanting a T-shirt made up for this event (I attended the VXRO Mega Meet) Could I ask folk to add their name to the list with there size. The T-Shirts will only come in one colour, black.

A cost of 8.50 will be required to purchase a T-Shirt. This is up to the size of 2XXL & 1 extra up to 5XL.

All payments are done via paypal & should be made to westofscotlandvxro@yahoo.com

Payments must be made ASAP, a deadline date will be confirmed.

T-Shirts will be distributed at the event.

I will also be keeping this thread tidy & only adding names to the OP. If require a change in size etc, please drop me a PM & I will sort ASAP.


1. Trigger92 - Large
2. tcd-vxr - Large - Paid
3. Swavio27 - Large - Paid
4. Kieranm 123 - Medium -