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Thread: My Z20LEH Corsa C Build - Garrett GT2871

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    Default My Z20LEH Corsa C Build - Garrett GT2871

    Hi guys,

    Bit bored atm so thought I'd show you my Corsa lol

    It started off as a Z18XE, which I'd got up to 170bhp before I started the conversion, just wasn't quick enough

    Here's what it looked like anyway

    How she looked

    So then I started buying bits for the conversion

    2.75 inch pre-cat and 4 stud hubs to fit the zlet driveshafts

    ECU set and new wheel bearings

    Thermal inlet gasket

    Lightened billet flywheel

    Crossover removal kit

    FMIC and enlarged tophat

    Bits started coming off the 1.8 engine

    I'd already decided I wanted to run it at EDS Phase 3.5 so bought a brand new 80mm airflow meter and brand new VXR injectors

    Along with a low mileage VXR turbo

    After then I started looking for an engine, came across one on ebay out of a VX220 Turbo with only 7500 miles so snapped that up straight away and got it couriered down from Scotland...few days later it arrived

    As you can see it was absolutely mint and could tell it was a low mileage engine

    Whipped the gearbox off and changed the flywheel over

    Should of got an uprated clutch, more about that later

    The next day me and my mate Gary started on the fun stuff

    Sat in the bay ready for wiring

    Gary doing the wiring

    Decided to sell my the wheels I had and stick to my standard SRi wheels...with a twist

    We were then ready to mount the engine, so went to Vauxhall to pick up all the necessary mounts that I'd ordered along with gear linkage cables and a Corsa 1.7 CDTI gear stick

    Lack of pictures from now because we were eager to get the thing finished lol

    Here it is all mounted up

    Welding the front gearbox mount brackets into the correct place for the F23

    More added

    Intercooler mounted

    Start-up video



    I then painted the rocker cover Arden blue to match the wheels

    My first proper drive was to get the exhaust custom made, I already loved the car so much

    Random pic of my Corsa VXR 308mm brakes

    I then fitted a collins actuator

    More pics

    All was good for a month or so untill the clutch started slipping, running phase 3.5 being the cause

    Trip to Regal and got myself an organic friction plate and a Sachs cover plate

    Being fitted

    Bought a new front bumper

    Total Vauxhall shoot

    Then for my birthday I treated myself to an EVO MS recirculation valve from Regal and fitted it the same day

    These are the most recent pics of the car and how it'll probably stay as I'm very happy with it now

    That's it, thanks for reading and sorry for all the pics, will update as and when things happen
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    8th December 2009


    great thread and lovely car mate, i can see a lot of hard work has gone into that

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    "my mate gary"

    Oh hi

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    Looking good mate!
    12 plate Astra GTC SRi cdti 165 stop/start in white.

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    well done mate nice job, good write up too

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    5th January 2010


    wahey I made a sneaky appearance too :P

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    looks like you put a lot of work into that beast, nice1

    Astra 320 (Top Secret Spec ) I'm so JDM I don't have to drive one

    VXR FOR SALE: http://www.vxronline.co.uk/forum/sho...vxr-Arden-blue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ollie B View Post
    great thread and lovely car mate, i can see a lot of hard work has gone into that
    Thanks yeah lots of hard work and many long nights in the garage

    Quote Originally Posted by Gary-2LT View Post
    "my mate gary"

    Oh hi
    Oh hi

    I should probably add that most of the credit for the conversion should go to this man...he's the one who made it work

    Quote Originally Posted by DanEds View Post
    Looking good mate!

    Quote Originally Posted by smokinvxr View Post
    well done mate nice job, good write up too

    Quote Originally Posted by benG-1 View Post
    wahey I made a sneaky appearance too :P
    Haha :P

    Quote Originally Posted by BIG J View Post
    looks like you put a lot of work into that beast, nice1
    Yeah, think it's payed off though, cheers

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    Spec list, there's bits I've missed out/haven't got pics of

    Engine Modifications:
    Z20LET Conversion
    Astra GSi radiator and fan
    2.75 inch pre cat pipe
    2.5 inch custom exhaust
    Front mount intercooler with solid boost pipes
    Enlarged tophat
    Lightened flywheel
    Sachs organic clutch
    VXR turbo
    VXR injectors
    VXR air flow meter
    Collins -31 actuator
    EVO MS recirculation valve
    X20XEV inlet cam
    Courtenay Sport lightened crank pulley and short belt
    Dbilas flowmaster
    Walbro 255 high flow fuel pump
    EDS Phase 3.5 Software

    Transmission Modifications:
    Standard F23 Gearbox

    Suspension Modifications:
    FK Silverline X Coilovers
    Custom rear springs

    Wheels, Brakes and Tyres:
    Arden Blue SRi Wheels
    Toyo T1-R 195/40/16 tyres
    308mm VXR Front Brakes

    Interior Modifications:
    Rear stripped out and painted 20R
    Cobra Monaco S bucket seats with harnesses
    Boost gauge mounted in pillar pod
    OMP Strut Brace painted Arden Blue

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    Great job you have done

    Can i ask what suspension you have fitted as the stance looks good (im after suspension for my corsa c).

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