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    Question Younger brother of VXR need your help

    Hello everybody!

    I'm newbie here)
    Unfortunately, the reason of my registration here is not very happy.
    I'm the owner of a younger brother of VXR - Opel Corsa GSi (1.6T, 150hp).
    The car was bought in Moscow, Russia, in November 2009.

    My precious has been used in the strict accordance with the producer’s recommendations; all technical checkups have been passed in time at the official dealers (the last one – prior 600 km before claiming the fault); the oil level has been checked regularly; no warning lights (engine problems, overheating etc.) on the dash have switched on over the whole period of the car operation.
    The car is 100% stock. I was thinking about tuning, but only after the end of warranty period.

    Two months ago I applied to the official GM dealer center with the complaint concerning engine (the failure of the 4th cylinder!). After diagnostics it became clear, that to eliminate the detected troubles the replacement of the cylinder block is necessary. And In 34 days I got from GM CIS a refusal in warranty. I asked for arguments and got a refusal. I called several times to GM Customer Support in Russia and asked to put me through technical specialist or regional manager of Opel. And I got refusal again and again. Noone is ready to tell me at least what I've done wrong with my car, which follows to engine failure. Refusal without any additional explanations. Terrible russian service! :-(
    And now I have no way to settle down this issue without court, because nobody in GM CIS (in Russia) is ready just to discuss the issue with me.

    The letter, which I've sent to some e-mails (found on, was forwarded (I think, without being read) to GM CIS office. I've got a call from GM Russia Customer Support. They just told me, that they don't read letters in English.

    Can you, please, give me some e-mails of people (in GM or Opel in Europe), to whom I can apply with my problem?

    I'll be very grateful for your answers, advice or any other help.

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    Hello and welcome

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