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    Default Dashboard / Steering Column Rattle

    As per the title really, I've had a major rattle (to go with several other minor ones) just to the left of the steering column for months on end now. Evans Halshaw have tried several times to fix the problem but sadly nothing they've done (supposedly packing out behind the dash with foam) has had any effect. I've left it alone for a while as I've had the dealer looking at other more important problems, but now the car is otherwise ok - I'd love to find a solution as it's driving me mad! (no pun intended )

    So far every question I've asked on this forum has been answered with plenty of info and advice... Although I wouldn't wish this annoyance on anyone as it’s THAT annoying, it would be great if someone can say they've had the same problem and got it fixed

    I've attached a photo of the area I'm talking about - you can see my latest quick attempt from last night at solving the problem by pushing foam into the gap, however it’s still managing to rattle anyway! Although if I press on that panel, it does stop the rattle. Perhaps there's a way to take that plastic panel off so I can better fit some foam down the gap before replacing the panel? Trying to just push the foam in with a ruler only worked to a certain degree and clearly wasn’t enough to solve the problem.

    Any advice or suggestions??
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