This morning I went out bright and early, dropped the subframe, gearbox and removed the stock flywheel.

Then started reassembly, first job was to fit a spigot bearing in the end of the crank to support the new gearboxes quill shaft.

Spigot bearing..

Then the new flywheel

And clutch using possibly the worlds most expensive clutch alignment tool!

Then fit the gearbox, which took three attempts because it wouldn't butt up to the block, after panicking that the starter was too long and fouling the bell housing or the input shaft was too long and bottoming out or the slave cylinder was too high it turned out to be a manky dowel ..

then bolted in the start of the new top mount, also bolted on the rear mount which lands pretty much where i thought it would, so I now need to make the bracket from that to the subframe.
and that's pretty much where we left it as it was threatening rain.