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    Default M32 Gear box bearings

    Hi all

    I have had my astra vxr burg coming up nearly 12 months only on 34k. I have a whine coming from 2nd 5th 6th gears bit scouting round net suggests it bearings, looks like you can buy just the bearing kits. already chatted to VX lookers Chester they say they would only fit a new box I didn't find out a cost yet.

    has anyone had there bearing replaced and or new box if so what did you pay and anyone round the Cheshire area?


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    HUndreds of threads on this mate:

    Try here if your in Cheshire
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    Vaux will change box because when i got my new one i was told only a handfull of vaux dealerships have the i quote "correct tools" to split the boxes and change the bearings

    Mine was under warranty though so i wasnt bothered.

    As mentioned Andy Stockton is a good lad and ive also heard good things about a gear box place in halifax which isnt too far for you from round here
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