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    Default Cabb's Arden Progress (Pic Heavy) :)

    *Please Note All updates will be kept to this post and continue on post no.4

    Hello all,
    My name is Josh and I am the proud owner of a corsa vxr in arden blue I am 18 so the progress may be a little slow but i will try haha.
    I used to own a Corsa C 1.2 and must say the power is amazing! It started with a stereo and that was meant to be it but i just couldnt help myself :P Here she is:

    Originally when I bought her

    To this

    So now onto the present, after browsing the vauxhall website for a while looking I stumbled across what seemed to be a tidy example, and after a 2 hour trip to York, Ward and Rowlatt Ltd Vauxhall I wasnt wrong and from the moment I saw her I knew i was making a purchase haha. She is a 57 plate arden blue, 15,800 miles, FSH, the 18" alloys and S&L so how could i say no

    The Day I bought her

    Now the long wait began, due to the fact that the DVLA took ages to transfer my private plate across but the wait was worth it, and here she is next to my dads (simmycl7) on the day she got delivered

    Oh forgot to mention, on the day of purchasing I had vauxhall install a 3 piece remus and the nurbug splitter, pop, pop, bang

    So few mods since that day in tha last couple of weeks:
    Silvertec bulbs all around,
    VXR front badge,
    Team Heko Wind Deflectors,
    Tinted Side Repeaters,
    LED Numberplate bulbs,
    White interior bulbs and as of last night,
    Arden blue Centre Caps (Undecided & opinions needed please)

    Small update - 05/09/12

    Today a parcel arrived and I would like to give a big thankyou to CameronUK who sold me a set of genuine VXR floor mats, as the car didnt come with any at all and I have to say I am very pleased with the end results. Gave them a quick clean and think they complete the interior.

    And a couple I took today simular to the earlier pics but actually visable

    Update 13/09/12
    Ok so a couple of things came through the post today unfortunately not fitted yet however will be tomorrow hopefully.
    So as stated before I decided not to buy the pipercross 200x200 but instead the pipercross induction kit from demontweaks - although not as big as the 200x200 and double the price it is what my dad uses and having experiences the sound I couldnt resist

    And as well as this my forge re-circ valve came, so a big thanks to GNJ motorsports - came quickly and even included a sticker which i didnt expect haha

    Update 18/09/12

    So today I finally got round to fitting the re-circ and cone with a big thanks to my mate (a mechanic) as im useless with anything mechanical And after an hour both were fitted.
    Now the cone wasnt without its problems, well a mistake really haha which involved myself putting in the air flow meter the wrong way resulting in my test run being on limp mode and an EML light in my face - so shortly after sorted that and got cracking with the re-circ, which went without a hitch and adds to the lovely whoosh of the cone

    Now onto the pics

    Old re-circ


    Update 02/11/12
    Today I had the Eonon D5123 installed, brilliant unit with many functions. The bluetooth has to be the best IMO and the sound quality seems better!

    Update 17/11/12
    Not a real update still waiting on some parts, however the eonon is now gone and returned due to problems
    So gave the old girl her weekly clean and took a few pics of the end result, defonitely chose the best colour

    Update 03/12/12
    So over the past week I have slowley been collecting some parts to brighten up the engine bay. I would like to say a BIG thankyou to adam ( CorsaVX-R114 ) for all his hard work and help with my new intake and throttle body pipe, which I picked up today after missing the APC delivery twice.... but had a nice little blast to Bentley to pick them up so cant complain Anyways here are some pics and I hope to have them fitted soon, just trying to source some coolant from work.

    New parts:
    Stainless Steel Intake pipe
    Stainless Steel Throttle Body pipe
    JS performance Coolant Hoses
    Forge Front Subframe Brace
    OPC Spark plug cover (To be sprayed to match the hoses)

    Update 12/12/12
    Coolant hoses are now fitted, as well as the forge brace and throttle body pipe

    A few snaps from the yard yesturday where all the magic happens

    (Pictured my mechanics uno turbo, driven it once and absolutely loved it! No power steering etc and truly is soo much fun, especially with the 1.0 bar boost its running)

    An early birthday present my mum did for me last weekend haha

    And a cheeky one of her at work this morning

    Update 31/12/12
    So I had a little trip to Regal today for some pressed plates, but also ended up getting a rolling road - which she made 215bhp

    Run 1

    Run 2

    Progress is continued in post #4 due to the character limit

    All opinions/views welcome Many thanks Josh
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    Looks good mate, think the centre caps work well lucky guy with the Remus and splitter as you pick her up

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    very nice mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vxr- View Post
    Looks good mate, think the centre caps work well lucky guy with the Remus and splitter as you pick her up
    Thanks mate well the caps were my dads idea as they were corroded from the previous owner, think they've paid off, and he got a great finish on them haha I paid more what with vauxhall doing it but worth every penny

    Progress Continuing here due to character limit exceeded on the original

    So I gave her a well needed clean today with the car-chem goodies I got for christmas



    The equipment

    The results




    Update 05/02/13

    Update 25/03/13

    So haven't updated in a while and a few changes but nothing major. So for starters I had the forge header tank fitted and fitted the new stainless intake that Adam sent me

    Update 12/04/13

    Not alot of progress but ordered my eibach springs (pro kit) which came today. Unfortuantely whilst fitting discovered that a few things needed replacing-
    -Top mounts
    -Drop links
    -P/S Shock absorber

    So today managed to source and replace the drop links with new Lemforder ones but am waiting on the top mounts (no one seemed to have in stock) and I have ordered a full set of Koni adjustable shock absorbers which should be delivered Monday she is drivable at the mo and although the tracking still needs to be done the springs are a massive improvement!

    Update 17/04/13
    Ok so all the work is now done and all i can say is wow! Here is the full list of what was installed:

    -Lemforder Drop Links
    -Fabi Bilstein Top Mounts
    -Koni Sport Adjustable Front Shock Absorbers
    -Koni Sport Adjustable Rear Shock Absorbers

    The goodies

    Top Mount adjusters for the shocks

    Old Shock that broke

    Lemforder Drop Links fitted

    The front shock complete with my eibach's


    Rears fitted

    And a couple I got today whilst in Guildford with the girlfriend (Still very dirty and is getting a full detail + better pics tomorrow)

    Progress is carrying on post #5 !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by B17BLG View Post
    very nice mate
    Thanks pal

    Progress carrying on here!!

    Update 04/07/13
    Now just after my holiday in Egypt I decided to treat myself, and with a big thanks to cturbo bought myself the VXMMI Pro with Reversing Camera & have to say it is superb!!

    Very impressed with it, still getting to grips with the layout etc but overall it is spot on! and love the reversing cam it makes life so much easier.
    Im sure other things will spring to mind (they always do) but for now I am very happy with her & after having my full service Tuesday she seems alot smoother

    Update 11/08/13

    Havent updated in a while due to increased hours at work however here's what ive been up to

    Little trip to France for my girlfreinds birthday, but of course couldnt let my girl miss out and after much deliberation I won and we went via the eurotunnel so here are some pics, oh and the roads in France are soooo much better, didnt enounter one pot hole even on back roads etc, was pure bliss. As well as this she got so much attention from the locals wherever we went, was awesome!

    At the waiting area for the train (as you can see my old plates went on, due to the GB sign being encorporated and I didnt want a magnet on the paintwork!)

    Scary bit was squeezing on and off the train lol, and the width of it generally!

    And just a couple at the hotel and beach of her

    So that was really good and made a nice change. Then when getting back and more recently I decided to finally tend to something which has bugged me from the start... The horribly faded calipers so did that last sunday.



    At this time I also decided the clean the insides of the wheels due to the build up from the Winter months etc so:




    After cleaning I waxed and sealed them for good measure and heres the final result of a hard days work

    Another thing which was fixed was my fan resistor, for a couple of weeks I had noticed it showing the signs so thanks to my mate (VXRPeaks) and his dad for sourcing me one, at £13.50 I quickly did that last night and as a result she now doesnt go past 101 compared to her reaching 107 before!!



    Update 13/08/13

    Cobra sports cat came

    As well as this I decided to fit some new side lights last night

    Update 21/08/13

    So I thought I would try and improve the look of the car, and since day 1 have always had a thing for the AFL's. So big thanks to RockAuto on here who managed to source me with a brand new set

    Also decided that whilst the headlights are being fitted and to save F'ing about after I would upgrade the bulbs and went for my favourites, Ring ultima's

    Update 07/09/13

    The AFL's are finally fitted basically a lug was broken in delivery so have been sorting the replacement out, here she is:

    And one of father & son

    Progress Continuing on post no.9
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    Looks great, amazing how much a asthetic improvement the splitter makes!

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    Looks great, thinking to go for the centre caps style too... Keep up the mods

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    Looks good mate!

    Seems a hell of a lot of us ex corsa c owners step up to vxr's

    Your c an sxi+ cos i see the half leather interior?
    Now Driving Facelift Audi A1 S Line in Daytona Grey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lashed View Post
    Looks great, amazing how much a asthetic improvement the splitter makes!
    Thanks mate I know since seeing others I had to get one lol, even tho they used to only be £40! Oh well worth it IMO

    Progress Is Carrying on here

    Update 17/10/13
    So today I had a trip to see the infmaous Warren G who kindly fitted my airtec cooler! I cant recommend him enough as the service was brilliant and only took 1hr 45 minutes. He really knows his stuff so will be seeing him again, hopefully in the near future Anyways here are the pics.

    Old vs New

    Update 23/10/13

    So had a couple of deliveries today

    Update 26/10/13

    So the Eagle F1's are on - not tested fully yet as I'm still wearing them in however they're soo much quieter!!

    And also fitted the centre badge and Pilla holder with gauges yesterday which are awesome!!

    Update 21/11/13
    Bonnet strut now fitted!

    Update 19/01/14

    So done a few tweeks just haven't updated in a while here's what I've been up to -

    Badd4ss Performance Cambelt & MAF sensor cover

    Gel domed plates to rid the pressed as they were chipping quite badly (And I put my little spin on the company at the bottom )

    One with the old man's

    New key fob as it was getting rather tatty 6years on

    And instead of paying £18 for the vauxhall badge I thought I'd put my own little twist on it which i like

    Update 02/02/14
    Couple of minor mods, firstly my new Powerflex engine mount

    And secondly my new bosch twin wiper blade as it was time to change the drivers side

    Update 02/05/14
    So haven't uploaded in a while due to a change in job, however today I picked up my freshly painted wheels, which I had done in a shade of shadow chrome which I love, when its in the light they look really silver and bright but then when out of the light they look dark which is exactly what I wanted, andyways here's the pics:

    Future Mods.

    Powerflex bush
    Pioneer Speakers
    Maybe K-Sports
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    Update - The corsa is now sold due to wanting a change, so here is my new baby

    She is a Porsche Boxster 987 Gen.1 2.7L in Atlas Grey

    First mods inlcuded changing all the bulbs to white SMD / LED's and also changing the wiper blades to flat blades, but my first major mod is the stereo as it was a little lacking in then modern day and age so I went for the Pioneer AVH-X8600BT which is a great bit of kit with reversing camera as she has a big bum

    Future Mods include:
    Re-paint calipers
    New Centre caps
    Wheel Nut covers
    Re-furb wheels
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