LMF is pleased to announce that it has recently become the UKs distributor for the leading Swedish Tuning company BSR.

BSR have been involved in tuning vehicles since the early 90's they were first in the marketplace with a hand held unit called PPC1 this enabled people to tuned the vehicles ECU through the OBD port, quickly and easily. They are now on the PPC3 which has faster processors and a colour screen and can also be used as a diagnostic tool, unfortunatly the PPC 3 isnt available for Astra's however they do offer the PPC2 which is a hand held unit that programmes the ECU via the OBD port.

The software on the ECU can be removed and the ECU set back to standard within a couple of minutes.

In fact i will run a small competition the first person to tell me via email which super car BSR created the engine management for, that broke the old world speed record?(The answer can be found on the BSR website) Will win a BSR goodie bag, answers on a email to bsruksales@gmail.com we will name the winner on this thread.

The PPC hand held tuning box is very competively priced at £499 inc VAT and 2 year software support. This price is valid to British Isle customers only, sorry.

For more details and information on what sort of power gains can be had for your vehicle please visit www.bsr-tuning.co.uk

LMF have the PPC units on the shelf and can deliver within a 24hr period.

Any questions please mail bsruksales@gmail.com