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    i did the earth mod . lucky for me i had 2 10 pin terminal blocks from my old dynabeam kit
    i purchased 2 xenon headlights from mat bibs and from hidsdirect i bought 2 ballasts and 2 ignitors .
    i chopped the dynabeam wiring loom up and used the earth cable .
    i also purchased tesa tape , shrink wraps and ring terminals .

    because the halogen terminal blocks are 8 pin they dont carry the earth connections needed for the xenon headlights . the terminal blocks that are factory fitted with afl projectors are a 10 pin.

    i spliced into the loom and earthed inside the bay . I was very happy with the result , nice , clean and strong .

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    Hi all,

    Iv done the grounds on my xenons and fitted them to the car, however the kit i bought from Hidsdirect needs a 12v and ground, these wires come off the ballast.

    Now i found a ground thats easy but i need a 12v that is safe to use but the problem i am havin is they are always on once wired up to a 12v feed so i either need to put a switch in the circuit or i was wondering is pin 3 on your loom that connects to your dipped beam 12v cuz i couls just wire it straight to that so it sill only come on when my lights are turned on?

    Other than that can someone send me the direct link to the kit they bought as all of you are saying its just plug and play where as mine isnt


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