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    Quote Originally Posted by zefal View Post
    lol I thought that he had moved on and I can help with that, but thought I would check first.

    This is what I did to power amp;
    There is a hole behind the glovebox you can use (slit the rubber on the side - it's a big grommet) to route the positive power cable
    Then run it down the passenger side of car... I took off the plastic cover down the side of passenger door.
    The tricky bit was getting the cable through behind the rear passenger panel (where the rear speaker is) as I didn't want to remove it completely... I cheated and attached the cable to a garden cane and pushed it up through to the boot and pulled it through the access panel to fuses on left hand side of boot. Did the same from phono/remote cables to back of HU too.
    I can't remember where I earthed the amp to, but it was probably a seat belt bolt for rear seats?

    Hope this helps.
    Yeah thanks for that, How easy is it to get the power cable through the grommet ? i know they are a real pain any tips on best way of getting wires through it ?


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    I juts made a small slit towards the bottom right of grommet. Went through easy enough and my power is really thick with 80 amp glass tube fuse! I'm sure a small amount of Vaseline would help the cable through if required too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by graeme73 View Post
    excellent, thats just the info i was looking for, the blue led dash looks amazing, have to get on the case now! thanks guys.

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