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    Quote Originally Posted by Smeagol View Post
    I have all the receipts from every think iv spent on mine and I'm not going to add it up i will cry
    Mine has had well over 15k spent on it but in my opinion worth every penny and opinions each to there own
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    Quote Originally Posted by kneesparks View Post
    Iv spent that over 6-7 years so not that bad if you think about it. All you lot that are tuning the VXRs don't add up all the money you have spent, I did that and it's really killed the joy of my skyline.
    If anyone wants to see my skyline it's on and I'm on the socom calendar for 2013. I won't put any here as its a VXR forum and this isn't me thread
    Put a thread up with pics in general chat.

    We like pictures!

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