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    Angry VXR8 owner in Dubai. Rear light cluster problem. HELP

    I drive a Chevrolet CR8 (Vauxhall VXR8 left hand drive). 2009 purchase in Dubai. Right hand rear side light has's the twin circle LED unit. Dealer replacement part price is about £1220!! Can't believe it!
    Got it booked in to see if I can get it changed under warranty, but if not can anyone point me in the direction of guys who could sell me one - someone who doesn't wear a black mask and holds a gun as Vauxhall/Chevrolet/Holden seem to do?
    I have to say, I'm disgusted with them over this, how they can justify the price is unbelievable. Anyway, rant over- any suggestions?

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    Often pop up on EBay Uk

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    There are some contact numbers on the below thread that should help.

    Your other option would be to see if you can get something from the USA as the Pontiac g8 is the same platform and left hand drive.

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