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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessy View Post
    150 x 52 = 7,800 miles a year... That's nothing.
    Thats nothing.

    You have lifetime warrenty so there is no real issue with repairs other than servicing which is still only once a year with the mileage you are doing.

    Keep the car, put the fuel in it and enjoy what you saved up for

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    Just think, you'll be able to do your journeys in half the time in the VXR

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcjg70 View Post
    As the title suggests I may have to let the VXR go. I have just changed jobs and it demands that I do a lot more driving.

    I'm thinking of getting a Mokka, any opinions on the vehicle?

    Also any opinions/advice on how to sell the VXR as it still has finance remaining on it...

    This is actually one of the reasons I cancelled my VXR order. You never know whats around the corner. £27k and a six month wait for a brand new car and then 6 months later the whole financial situation changes and you drop at least £7k plus - when you might not be able to afford such a loss the most. It would be much better if VX residuals were kept up a bit.

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    Hi, if your anything like all vxr owners the gives you a kick every time you drive, why loose that,
    If you trade in you loose so much cash & enjoyment just buy a cheap diesel corsa, fiesta £30.00 road tax, may be boring in the week but hey weekends won't come round quick enough

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