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    Default Gearbox has failed on me!! Warranty refused to pay help!

    Hi all,

    I have a Atra 1.9cdti 150bhp and i seriously need some help.

    I get my car serviced twice a year (major services) and last year I even had my gear box oil changed.

    I bought the car in 2010 on 60k miles, I decided to take out extended warranty from the RAC who are administrated by 'the warranty group'.

    two weeks ago my gear box went on me, I took it too a garage they said it's the gear box. They rang the warranty company on my behalf told them its the gear box and the warranty company sent out an independent assessor to check the gear box. When he arrived (after three days) he turned around and said 'the gear box has not been stripped therefore, i cannot diagnose the problem'. The warranty company never mentioned anything about stripping the gear box, the garage just told them it's the gear box and they came out.

    So now the warranty said send it to a gear box specialist and tell them to strip it and we will come out. So thats exactly what I did, i sent it to a specialist got it stripped for 100 pounds and the assessor came out again and reported back to the warranty company that it's the bearing thats gone and caused the gear box to fail.

    Today I rang the warranty company and they said the bearing was worn and so we will not pay. where do I stand with them, i fought and i now have a call back on monday from a manager. I paid £700 for this warranty and twice before i've claimed, once egr valve and second alternator and both claims were rejected.

    I have heard the m32 gear boxes are not the best around, even the Vauxhall dealer in my area told me they have a lot of problems. Can I fight this case and get something out of the warranty company, as if they are known to have a fault how can they just disregard my claim so quickly.

    I feel that this is unfair, as the warranty t and c says gearboxes are covered, can I take legal action if they still refuse on Monday.



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    Unfortunately aftermarket warranties in particular like to focus their policys around terms such as "abuse" and also "wear and tear"

    How you prove that the bearing is worn rather than disintegrating due to failure I don't know


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