Hi again guys,
This weekend I'm looking at replacing my crank seal on my astra vxr, since having a new turbo weeks ago this oil leak seems to be bothering me more as loosing 1ltr in 300 miles and degreasing underneath too many times.
I'm aware its a pig of a job and prepared to spend the weekend doing it on my drive.
As for parts I've got the crank seal (geniune part) and a 3 piece luk clutch kit. I've been told if no issues with clutch or flywheel then don't replace them and that's from a dealer!
Ill take the advice with flywheel but not clutch kit.

The main advice I want is whilst I have the gearbox off is there anything advise able to be replaced whilst there.
Ill replace my gear oil as would be a fool not too.
Also is there anything I should be carefull with eg steering rack when dropping sub frame.

This is a huge challenge for myself.