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    Great tip, thanks, I'll give it a try when I get enough courage to do mine

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    Fantastic write up, shall be doing mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burg Bridges View Post
    This is a guide showing you how I removed the chrome strips around my windows.


    1. Make sure you have enough vinyl wrap to complete the job. I bought 1x0.3 sheet of gloss black vinyl and I just about had enough so get more if you think you may mess it up a couple of times before getting it right.

    2. Gather the tools you will need to complete the job. I used a flat head screw driver, prep spray, micro-fibre cloth, hair dryer or heat gun, razor blade, plastic card (I used my shell loyalty card), scissors and a fine needle (just incase of air bubbles).

    3. Now you can get started on the removal of the chrome strips. I started with the one over the rear window. The chrome strip has 6 metal fixings that fix it to the car, these fixings sit in rails that run the length of the chrome strip (pictured).

    These metal fixings then slot over plastic ones which are attached to the car (pictured).

    To remove the chrome strip you need to lean on it and push towards the front of the car (best to open the door first). I found a few sharp jerks got it moving. Now if you are lucky the metal fixings will move with the chrome strip and slide off the plastic fixings. This means the strip should come away now .
    When I did it the metal fixings stayed with the plastic ones and I had the slide the chrome strip the full length to get it off. Be carful if this happens as you could scratch the paint work above the door and beware the strip is rather sharp in places. As you can see I found out the hard way, this is when the handling gloves came out.

    4. Repeat step 3 for the front most chrome strip but remember to push it out towards the rear of the car instead of the front. Repeat for the other side and then its on to the big strip over the door.

    5. This strip is different to the others, it still has the rail running the full length of the chrome strip but the car side has a rubber strip running the full length. This rubber strip fits inside the metal rails on the chrome strip. At either end of the rubber strip there are plastic fixings. Getting the chrome strip free from the plastic fixings at each end is a ***** of a job (in my opinion) and I ended up ripping a bit of the rubber that the plastic fixing sits in (this did not present a problem when re-fitting and cannot been seen as it is under the chrome strip). Used a flat head screw driver wrapped with amalgamating tape (so I didn't scratch anything) to separate the chrome strip from the door. While separated the chrome strip from the door you can see where the plastic fixings are at each end, then you can fiddle with it until it comes away. If I were to go back and do it again I would try starting in the middle which would make the chrome strip easier to slide which could make it easier to remove without ripping any rubber. Sorry no pics of the door strip.

    Now you have all your chrome strips ready for vinyl prep

    6. Once you have all the chrome strips off collect all the metal fixings from the rails of the chrome strips. All the ones left on the car can stay there until you refit the chrome strips.
    The easiest way the get the metal fixings from the between the rails is to use a flat head screw driver and pop them out (pictured). You can also slid them out but takes longer.

    7. Lay out your vinyl face down (be carful not to scratch it) and place the 6 chrome strips on it. You can now draw linings between the strips and cut out the shapes (pictured).

    8. Clean your parts thoroughly to remove all dirt and grease. (I used halfords bumper prep spray)

    9. Get wrapping

    10. After you have done your wrapping, check over it before you refit it. Theres nothing worse than finding a dodgy bit after its back on the car.

    11. Collect all your metal fixings up and go around the car slotting them onto the plastic fixings (pictured)

    12. Get the chrome strips and press them on. I counted the fixings and then listened for the corresponding amount of clicks as I pushed each one back on.

    Be careful not to trap the rubber from the door when putting the rear ones back on.

    13. Now to re-fit the chrome strip over the door. Make sure the plastic fixings are in place at either end of the rubber strip on the door and the simply push the chrome strip back on making sure its secure and clicks in on the plastic fixings either end.

    14. Stand back and admire your work


    I have tried to include as much detail as I could on the way I did this and I hope I haven't missed anything.

    Any questions then just ask
    Hi can you remove the door stop above the door by clipping it off like the others as I found it easier to clip the front and back off with a screwdriver

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    For some reason i have rubber window strips lol. Anyway you can make these Gloss?


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