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    Ebay Germany is a handy spot for the decat downpipe... About £280 delivered they do appear to be the fms ones

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pdw insignia View Post
    Hi mate. See this thread from last year and just wondered how your getting on with the insignia Vxr mods???
    I also have an a sig vxr and looking for a bigger turbo and down pipe ... have you any recommendation . My car already has air filter /box mod, secondary decat and map with a custom pipe being made to go from sec decat back to the y section
    I would like to get a the new section of exhaust & bigger turbo fitted then have it remapped and dyno’d. New Sachs clutch will be the next thing after the map.
    Any advice or recommendations would be great
    Hi Mate

    I got Thorney motorsport to do my full custom build, they are very well versed in exhausts now and make all exhuats in house.

    I simply went to Thorney to replace the whole lot, downpipe and custom 3 Inch exhaust, if the cat gets got enough, it will pass, went from Stage 1 (map only) to stage 3 all with TMS.

    TMS have just finished a GTX30 build on an Insignia, but its very expensive, id personally go for the hybrid turbo, as that will bolt straight on with what you currently have / have planned, with some mapping.

    You be good for about 380 to 400 bhp with the hybrid turbo and your mods (make sure the exhaust is true 3 inch from downpipe onwards)

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