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    26th April 2010

    Default [New Car / Progress Thread]Finally....My Insignia VXR

    Hey Guys

    Some of you may know that last year (more or less this time last year), i was involved in a pretty bad crash with my Insignia SRI 2.0T, which resulted in the car being written off.

    I've spent the year with a diesel 1.7 Astra H as my main car / commuter car, with my sisters TMS Stage 3 Astra J VXR quenching my thirst for when i felt like a more spirited drive.

    I recently started looking at a new car, from various brands (Merc Audi and VW), but, for the money, outright cost, maintenance and how much car you get for your money, I followed my gut and bought an Insignia VXR, the specification is below:

    2011 Insignia VXR 4 Door Saloon
    1 Owner from New
    11400 Miles on the Clock
    Olympic White
    Full leather Recaro Seats
    CD 500 Navi System
    Electric Folding Mirrors
    Infinity Sound System
    Climate Control

    No Parking Sensors!!! - You don't understand how long it took to find a model with leather, and no parking sensors in white for under 20 grand.... LOL.

    Some pictures

    Plans / Progress

    I will be taking it past stage 3, having read what members have been through here, will be looking to push it further to see where we end up with it.


    TMS Custom Mapping
    TMS Downpipe
    TMS Custom Exhaust (Stage 2,rebuilt again for a better sounds,less boom and now sits a lot higher to avoid knocks and scrapes)
    TMS (Pace Products) Intercooler (Stage 3)
    Owens Hybrid Turbo (Stage 4)
    Sachs upgraded clutch (Brand New Vauxhall / OEM Flywheel at 39,000 miles with it)
    AP Racing 6 Pot Brake Kit (Bells, Rotors, Calipers)
    Ferodo DS2000 pads Front and Rear
    Motul RBF 660 4.0 Brake Fluid
    Front AP Racing Brake Lines
    Rear HEL Brake Lines
    H+R Lowering Springs
    H+R Spacers (20mm Per Side)
    TMS Geometry Setup
    Hunter Road Force Wheel Balancing
    Mtech Short Shifter
    Matt Chrome parts sprayed black
    Gloss Black / Chrome Wheels (Rather than Gunmetal Grey and Chrome)

    Ill keep the thread and OP up to date as the car progresses.

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    Nice car mate.

    Looks a minter

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    22nd September 2006


    Very nice, especially as a saloon.

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    VXRed Ed Renshaw's Avatar
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    10th April 2009


    Ha! Snap! Keep us updated with the progress mate - best colour too ;-)

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    3rd May 2012


    Nice clean looking motor. Good luck with all the upgrade work. Will be subscribing to thread

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    3rd February 2008


    nice mate.

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    Default [New Car / Progress Thread]Finally....My Insignia VXR

    Nice choice Sundeep. Have a look at Dan's Thread and you'll see where they end up if you go much beyond Stage 3. A lot of heartache and a fortune spent for the pain. Stick to Stage 3 and enjoy.
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    Stunning car mate. Stage 3 is fun ^^^^^^^

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    VXR's Monkey Rambo..............Ok then I am a sock monkey pretending to be Rambo! burge's Avatar
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    30th October 2008


    Very nice matey

    Astra vxr complete

    Full TMS rebuild Owens HTA k04

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    Looking good mate, you can get some sensors fitted for minimal cost

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