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    Default New Rear Shock Absorbers for Corsa VXR (Lowered)

    Evening Gents,

    Just wanting some help basically. I've had 4 new tyres on recently (love 'em by the way) and I've been informed my rear right shock absorber is knackered. I've spoke to the bloke and he said Vauxhall are wanting £169.99 for ONE shock...

    ****** that, I'm looking at 2 rear aftermarket shocks, any idea's on the best one's to go for. My budget is about £150 - £200 for both if possible. I'm lowered on 40R60F so I need something durable with decent performance.

    Help, help, help.

    Thanks for the replies.

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    Koni sport shocks ? Fully adjustable so you can have them set the same firmness as standard ones then if you do get the fronts change it all to what you want
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    Bilstein B8 dampers are the dampers used on the nurburgring edition and I think they are around £100 a side
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