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    Thumbs up Sqealing issue nicely fixed

    Since about August last year I got a faint squeal/squak when pulling away in 1st gear or when doing a hill start. It was only faint and a trip to the dealer said to keep an eye on it until its gets louder. So low and behold over winter it got louder and seemed to even do it when warmed up too, was absolutely doing my head in tbh. It sounded very much like a Clutch Slave Cylinder Bearing was on its way out.

    So I mentioned it while I was in for my MOT on the Friday. They stated that VX wanted pictures of the inside of the gearbox before they would commit to anything under warranty, which is fair enough, but also stated that if it was not warranty then the cost would be £594 for gearbox removal and refitment, along with the cost of any parts that would be needed (if found that it was abused or clutch damage) At this point I started to think the worst in that I could possibly have a huge bill at the end of it all, but it had to get looked at and add to that I don't drive the car hard at all with my 9 month old son in the car it gets just tiddled around town . Anyways .......... the very nice service manager said if I left the car first thing on Monday morning he will try his best to fit it in early in the week to make sure I have it ready for Thursday or Friday. ( Again I started to think the worst at this point in that they might have the car for alot longer than that, with it not being booked it on their sheets )

    Well they done 1 better than that, got a call yesterday (Tuesday) car is ready to be picked up and that it was indeed the Clutch Slave Cylinder Bearing (release bearing) and that it was all done under warranty and also a gearbox oil change too. And the car only has 4 days of VX warranty remaining as of today.

    So of I went for a wee test drive to make sure it didn't squeal/squak any more, and not a thing lovely and silent and also just to add the gear change is far more slick and precise now with the oil change. The gearstick also feels nice and tight now when in gear.

    Needless to say I am one very happy bunny and I have been treated as good as I could have hoped for from Peter Vardy Aberdeen


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    nice to hear a positive outcome on this makes a refreshing change after all the horror stories. i bought my vxr from evans halshaw in preston and noticed from the second day i had the same problem as you. took it straight back in and it got fixed straight away. i pointed them in the right direction as to what it was and all was happy.

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