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    Default Engine strip and rebuild

    Just wondered if anyone has ported and polished a corsa vxr yet? I can't find anything on here about valve seats either I am having a rebuild done and wondering what sort of power gains I would see from the below...

    So far I on my engine build...

    Forged internals
    Ported and polished inlet and exhaust ports (which looked terrible from factory)
    3 stage valve seats
    380cc injectors
    Precat decat
    Centre cat decat
    Uprated fuel pressure regulator
    Uprated recirculation valve
    Forge intercooler

    Then once this is all back in its going on the Dyno for a live map.

    Has anyone ever done this before?.

    Also it seems someone has been at my engine before, while replacing the main bearings they were .25 oversize?..

    Also the head has x18xep stamped on it? Is that normal on a 2009 vxr!?

    I can't seem to upload pictures due to the upload limit
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