Regal Autosport is pleased to announce new additions to our RSS Lightweight Flywheel range for the Vectra C VXR/OPC models which is up to 63% lighter than OE…

Regal Autosports RSS Lightweight Flywheels are designed by Regal Autosport and manufactured from solid piece steel forgings in the UK. They are specifically designed to reduce mass for less intertia which significantly improved engine response.

RSS Lightweight Flywheel for Vectra C VXR/OPC Product Highlights:
  • Stock Dual Mass Flywheel = 12.240KG, RSS Lightweight Flywheel 5.760KG
  • Mass Reduction of 6.48KG or 63%
  • Single Piece Billet Flywheel with Integrated Ring Gear (will not seperate)
  • Reduced Mass mean Less Inertia for Faster Engine Response
  • Designed for Fast-Road and Track use
  • Higher Reliability vs. Stock DMF Flywheel
  • Highly Recomended to be combined with a Sprung Clutch Kit (will accept OE style clutch kit)

In-stock and ready for your orders, find yours, HERE