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    Default TRUST or NO TRUST in a garage to replace the bearings in the gearbox.

    I viewed a lovely clean arden blue vxr yesterday from a garage 06 plate, 59,000 miles but when i test drove it there was considerable movement in the gear stick in 1st and 5th.
    I flagged it up to the salesman and he mentioned about the bearings been worn and that they would replace them with new upgraded bearings to resolve the problem.
    Iv agreed to them fixing it although no money has changed hands or anything signed.
    Im going back down to re test it to see if the problem has been resolved and to look at the receipts of labour/materials.
    They reassured me with a 3 month extra warranty on the work done.
    Dont trust any one tbh especially when theres alot of pound coins involved.

    Opinions would put my mind at rest.


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    Straight post

    If you do not trust them to do the work as they have agreed , find another dealer

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    Im pretty sure most places give a 12 month warranty on gearbox repairs, so 3 months mmmm I wouldnt bother unless they extended the warranty to a point that your happy they are confident its fixed

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