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    Current Spec: (in no particular order )

    : Irmscher debadged front grill (colour coded)
    : Opc fog surrounds (custom sprayed)
    : Opc lower grill (gloss black)
    : Wing mirrors sprayed black with blue detail
    : Bumper inserts black with blue detail
    : Insignia washer jets
    : Maxton design splitter (gloss black)
    : Gloss black diffuser with blue fins
    : Roof aerial removed and smoothed
    : Roof wrapped (gloss black)
    : Medium smoke window tints
    : 18" calibre friction alloys with Ns2-r's all around
    : Rear wiper delete with flush mount bung
    : Depo angel eye headlights (split and sprayed)
    : Dark smoke sunstrip
    : Debadged rear (except vxr badge)
    : Heko wind deflectors
    : Tpi 12mm wheel spacers (front)
    : Tpi 16mm wheel spacers (rear)
    : Smoked side repeater lenses
    : Airbrushed side repeater surrounds
    : Vxr pin badges bonded into side reps
    : Crazy LEDS number plate replacement lights
    : Mtec cosmo blue spot lights
    : HID headlights
    : prism blue indicator bulbs
    : Blue footwell lights
    : Bright white reading lights
    : Blue boot light
    : Blue glove box light
    : Smoked rear lights
    : Smoked brake light
    : Fly eyed spot lights
    : Irmscher number plate surrounds
    : Domed resin number plates
    : Airbrushed rocker cover and plug cover
    : Custom machined aluminium dipstick (airbrushed)
    : Bad *** performance engine bay caps and covers (airbrushed)
    : Forge header tank (gloss black)
    : Bonnet piston (airbrushed)
    : Purple split conduit
    : Greddy magnetic anodized sump plug
    : Enhance performance hard pipes (gloss black)
    : JS performance silicone coolant hoses and joiners (purple)
    : Airbrushed washer cap (neck gloss black)
    : Cool running thermostat
    : Airtec intercooler
    : 3" custom exhaust (e,p)
    : Ksport 356mm big brake kit (cc'd) with DS2500 pads
    : 613cc direct fit injectors
    : Vibrant 90mm cone
    : Astra vxr 80mm maf
    : Enhance performance sub frame brace
    : Custom whiteline rarb
    : Bilstein b14 coilovers
    : Mtec short shifter
    : Enhance performance boot brace (wrapped black)
    : Pioneer single din bluetooth head unit
    : Boot build
    : Vibe 12" sub
    : 2x2000w inphase amps
    : Jl audio 6.5" C5 speakers (front)
    : Jl audio 5.25" C5 speakers (rear)
    : Dynamat sound proofing
    : Stampede full smd conversion (white and blue)
    : Airbrushed dome dash
    : Airbrushed mfd surround
    : Airbrushed grab handles
    : Airbrushed door handles
    : Airbrushed heater vent rings
    : Speedo dials cc'd
    : Fake tweeter vent cc'd
    : Irmscher domed resin centre caps
    : vxro stickers (cut down)
    : Rear bench removed
    : Custom hand made quilted floor liner
    : Prosport boost gauge
    : Prosport water temp gauge
    : Add vxr heater vent replacement pods
    : Wossner WGM custom high comp pistons
    : Pec H beam rods
    : ARP bolts
    : Athena thermal gasket
    : WGM custom fast road spec cams
    : Piper valve springs and caps
    : Helix clutch cover
    : Helix 240mm clutch friction plate (heavy duty)
    : SM flywheel
    : Release bearing
    : Wavetrac LSD
    : TRS direct fit tow strap
    : Custom sw motorsports half cage (gloss black)
    : Momo boss kit
    : B+G quick release system
    : Momo drifting steering wheel
    : Omp black edition fire extinguisher
    : Black anodized vxr engine bay dress up washers
    : 2x custom corbeau revenge seats with driftstar and spacetek upgrade, plus custom logo's
    : TRS 6 point Superlite harnesses (blue)
    : Nortech performance vband tubular manifold
    : Turbosmart hypergate 45mm external wastegate
    : Garret GTX2863r turbo
    : Nortech performance Mocal front mount oil cooler
    : Nortech performance 90mm intake
    : Vibrateknicks solid engine mount set (x3) LH Side, RH Side and gearbox mount
    : Prosport 45mm oil temp gauge
    : Prosport 45mm oil pressure gauge
    : Prosport 45mm fuel pressure gauge
    : Custom single din fascia 3 gauge conversion
    : AEM boost gauge
    : AEM AFR gauge
    : twin a pillar gauge pods
    : Aeromotive in tank fuel pump
    : TRS harness cutters
    : Carbon fibre customs Zonda style full carbon fibre bonnet
    : Aerocatches
    : Polycarbonate Driver/Passenger windows with sliders/lockers
    : SW motorsports welded seat tubes
    : Mapped by rabbid including launch control and ignition cut. 398.3bhp ☺

    I got the car in March 2013 and it was completely standard, I was happy with the power and looks with no plans to change anything. That all changed when me and a mate de badged the rear, from there I got the bug and it kind of got out of hand

    Things moved very quick from there I think if I'd never of de badged it I'd of stayed standard, I've always liked the look of modified cars but never imagined i'd modify 1 myself, but you soon get the bug
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    So after de badging my next mod was a ram air cone filter, this has been changed to a ITG cone purchased (along with lots more) from Adam at enhance performance

    after I put the first cone on I decided to buy some alloys, I fancied somthing different to what you normally see but not that it was over the top, so I went about convincing the missus that some new wheels were of great importance

    I went for 18" calibre friction alloys

    Once the wheels were on I didn't like the gap in the arch as I'd opted for low profile tyres, I decided on eibach sportlines, love the ride height of these, any lower I'd have problems so was well chuffed once they'd bedded down

    So wheels on, sitting nice I decided that I didn't like the V grill and wanted a different grill. I decided on a de badged grill from eBay which was about £50 , I loved it once it was on, made the car look completely different.

    Next thing to do was to make the trip up to enhance performance for full hard pipe set, coolant hoses, ITG cone, heat shield and a 3" exhaust with a 200 cell sports cat. I can't fault this exhaust one bit. I also had to have the hard pipes in black with purple JS performance silicone joiners. Wanted to be different, at the time I was 50/50 with how it'd look, now looking at my bay I love it
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    Once the exhaust was on I decided on some cosmetic mods.

    Think the first was vxr badge for the front with a black inlay and some domed resin plates with some Irmscher number plate surrounds

    I then had my windows tinted in medium smoke, had my headlights and fogs wrapped in fly eye

    I also had the harness inserts, heater rings, grab handles, inner door handles, original fog surrounds, dome dash and the mfd surround all carbon wrapped. The only thing that has survived and not been changed is the tints.

    next on the list was some Heko wind deflectors, makes a huge difference and for £20 odd you can't grumble

    This is a few pics from Coalville motorfest last year, had to screen shot these as I don't have any more pics, was a really good day out and rolls took some great pics

    I then bought some glen yale engine bay covers and had them sprayed gloss black

    A dark smoke sun strip i suppose you can tell by the stickers where this build thread will be going

    I then set about with the tint spray, I tinted the rear lights, brake light and side repeaters.

    It was around this point I decided that I was going to throw everything at the car, I didn't just want it to have serious power, I wanted it to look the nuts, sound insane and shift like **** off a shovel
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    Next was another visit to enhance performance, this was around 3 week from the last trip. Originally we planned to get it all done on the first trip but there was a delay in my order, this was when the Airtec coolers were just coming out and we're ordered in. So this trip Adam was fitting me the Airtec cooler, sub frame brace, boot brace and a cool running stat

    This was the first Airtec Adam had fitted, considering there was no guide he did a cracking job, couple of head scratch moments from us both but all in all completely chuffed again, can't fault any of his products and i strongly recommend them to anyone

    another few mods I added around this time were............

    Insignia washer jets

    Nurburgring splitter

    Vxr tax disc holder

    Irmscher lower style grill

    Finally came the vxro stickers, decided to cut the www. And the .co. uk off though. Think it looks a lot better like that

    And I decided to get some genuine vxr mats as I didn't get any with my car

    I also changed all interior bulbs courtesy of w20adm off here, I had bright white welcome lights, blue boot light and blue floor light.

    I changed my yellow standard headlight bulbs to 100w Mtec cosmo blue lights, my side lights to some supplied again by w20adm, my fog lights to Mtec cosmo blue lights and put some silvatec indicator bulbs in (sorry no pics as all have gone except the fog lights)
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    Next was some opc fog surrounds. I originally planned to get these carbon dipped along with my side repeater surrounds. Unfortunately they couldn't get a finish that I was happy to accept due to the curvature of the fog surrounds aswell as the fins. So I had to come up with somthing else, I wanted somthing different, somthing original but couldn't think of anything that I'd not seen on anyone else's car. I actually noticed this pattern on some random item in a shop while I was being dragged round some shopping centre. I took the idea to a local sprayer and he said to get that finish it would need to be sprayed, powder coated and obviously lacquered. Here's the end product

    I loved these, I had a pin badge centrally on the repeater surrounds which I removed to put on my new ones as there not the easiest thing to source now. I only took these off as I wanted to tie a few things in (will make sense later) otherwise these would still be on the car now

    I wasn't planning on buying any gauges just yet (had other shopping plans) but a forum member put a brand new boost and water temp gauge up for sale and thought it be rude not to buy them
    They came with everything ready to fit, so didn't have to buy an adaptor or even the shinagons vent conversion as these had already been purchased. Once fitted though I didn't like the way they sat so I contacted addvxr for 2 vent pods, looks 100x better with these

    next was a gloss black roof in vinyl wrap, although this will be being changed to either sprayed gloss black or gloss black with some arden pin stripe effect, not decided on this yet

    I then made a 3rd trip to enhance performance, this was when he started to modify whiteline rear anti roll bars, had it colour coded and have to say this is one of my favourite mods, really improves the handling

    Gloss black diffuser with blue fins

    Will continue build thread soon
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    you bought the fog/side surrounds off ebay, already painted. I had them in my watch list. nice though
    corsa sri 1.6 turbo

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    No lol. I sold them

    and actually bought em...... i set my reserve on my eBay and listed them on another account......
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    Nice build thread
    FRESH Clique 24 (24 hours)
    WG Motorworks - RABBID REMAP
    Ko6 Turbo. 3"Turbo Back custom exhaust De-Cat - KW V2 Coilovers Porsche Brakes
    331 BHP Fully forged - Fast Road Cams - Plus Williams Clio 3

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    Looks epic mate!

    But personally I would of just left the stickers at

    But each to they're own
    Opel Nürburgring Edition No.534 / IG - ItzMrGoodKat

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    Quote Originally Posted by andygray View Post
    Nice build thread
    Cheers buddy. Will take me a while to write up my progress so far, but at least I've made a start

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