Hi guys. Couldn't resist buying my old vxr for the price I had it for as I spent mega money on it and knew it off back of my hand.
The lad I sold it too for some bizzare reason he has butchered the exhaust to bits. He has put scorpion precat on..... Chopped 2nd cat out.... Chopped middle res...... Chopped rear res too.....

Yes it sounds horrific!!!!

The car not been mapped. It's completely original otherwise.
It runs very lumpy on idle but fine when going.
I'm aware he had a injector issue 2 weeks ago so bought brand new ones and rail.
It's had new coil pack and ngk r plugs.

Would you say its down to the decats or another problem.

I've plugged into snap on kit and it reads number 4 random missfire.

Can anyone help with their recommendations