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    Default Boost Gauge Problems

    I had my boost gauge and oil temp gauge fitted a while back and was loving them. Recently the boost gauge has been playing up for no apparent reason. The needle jutters about very quickly and randomly when accelerating and when i take my foot off the gas the needle goes all the way down to the bottom and the whole gauge starts flashing and is really annoying. I have checked the connections and all seems to be ok (as far as i can tell). Can anyone suggest anything ? I am hoping its just the gauge playing up and not my actual turbo The gauges I have are the Depo 7 colour gauges. The gauge also flashes sometimes when I am just cruising at a steady speed.
    Any help would be great!

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    I had same problem with my boost gauge , when letting off the throttle needle would jump up and down then would shoot all the way around to 25psi until i put foot on Throttle again it would go normal , it turned out i had small hole in the vac pipe which was connected to the fpr

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