It was always going to happen, I just didn't expect it 11 days into ownership! Arrived back from a bike ride today to a very 'teary' better-half who had scuffed the alloys and "left it, just in case", so as not to cause any more damage. Big swallow, head outside… Now that's what I call 'close to the curb'!

Carpets in place, moved forward very carefully so as not to cause any MORE damage. Result: Two well scuffed 20" Alloys. Hey ho… it was always going to happen. No dramas, just one of those things.

Question is… We're off on holiday (in it) tomorrow, so I won't get a chance to refurb for a little while. I wondered if clear nail varnish would 'protect' the scuffs in the short term? Or, if anyone has a better idea (shooting the culprit is not an option !).

Any help / advice appreciated.