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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobb1euk View Post
    Just fitted Michelin PS4S, no more wheel spin
    Would have bought them myself had they been available in 18".

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    Default Nankang NS-2R or other?

    Need a couple of tyres up front for the VXR. I currently have the Conti Sport Contacts and they’re coming to the end of their life now. In all honestly in the dry 2nd gear sometimes third the car struggles to put the power down (300bhp) I’ve been looking at the Nankang NS-2Rs as they are 160 for 2 (180 compound as the 120 is a nightmare to find) has anyone got any experience with these? What are they like for this time of year? The other option is buy a set of Rainsport 3s

    The car isn’t my daily work hack (got my van for that) And i only use the VXR for social. Are the NS2R lethal in the winter months or okay? Would they be recommended over the RS3? Reason I ask these will see me into next year when the weather improves. Will I regret not buying the NS2R over say the Rainsports when the roads are dry as I have no experience with either tyre


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