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    Default new to the z20 lets so like abit of help with astra gsi running problems!!

    hi am new to this page, i know its not a vxr but there same engines so here goes, i bought a z20let a couple of months back witch is believed to be totally standard apart from vxr turbo, and solid boost pipes i dont think the car has been mapped at all it has had a slight hesitation with power around 2500rpm witch i dont know whats causing it, recently i fitted a strait 2.5" scorpion decat exhaust and since then its over fueling as in mpg dropped from 35mpg to 20 and stinks on tick over and is very sluggish compared to before i fitted the exhaust but apart from that the engine seems healthy, will a map sort both these problems? and will the engine handle a stage 2 map? thanks for your help

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    Wrong section buddy astra J's here A20NFT engines Try reposting this in the astra H section mate might get some pointers in there Z20LET Central 😊

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