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    Post Clicking noise - not a steering issue

    Hi guys - would appreciate any help on the matter.

    Run down - I'm experiencing an intermittent clicking/knocking noise from the engine. I originally thought something was either stuck in the tyre and hitting the arch (gives you an idea of the way the clicking noise sounds).

    I now understand that it's not anything like that and potentially more serious.

    Noise happens very faintly and when rolling out of gear without the clutch depressed. In gear it can be heard when keeping speed (slightly accelerating) in nearly all gears, it tends to be slower clicking noise in higher gears.

    Click becomes louder and faster when letting of the accelerator and remaining in gear (under load) and is particularly loud in 2nd when decelerating under load (when slowing for a corner, for example).

    No noise when stationary..

    Has been like it for a month and has not got worse.

    This is the best way I can describe - would appreciate any thoughts


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    Cv joint possibly
    Courtenay Stage 3 map
    Forge intercooler
    Remus exhaust full De-cat

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