In all my time of owning my Vxr I have never been spotted and I purchased it over 3 years ago, when I first got mine there was only me and my mate who had Arden corsa Vxr in Grimsby and cleethorpes then his went boom lol stage 3 gone wrong and mine still going strong wel over the years a lot more has appeared and the other day a Arden blue Vxr flashed me which was very unusual as no one flashes any 1 which was nice too see coz every 1 around this area just gives you evils if you have the same car which really pi**es me off coz every 1 used to be buzzing when you see another guy with a corsa Vxr wel this goes out to the kid that flashed me thanks and keep the spirit up if I see you again or you see me giv a flash and a wave my vixer is Arden blue with private plate S90 Jel but bear in mind my misses drives it a lot more than me coz I have work van now lol and to every 1 else giving evils grow up and get your self to some car meets