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    Default BAD misfire resolved!

    At the start of the month my 1.6 SRi Turbo was suffering from a bad misfire which resulted in my car only firing on two cylinders. As I had already changed the coil pack in January, albeit for a cheap eBay special, I started to assume the worst that my 85000+ mile 1.6T was coming to an end.

    After removing the spark plugs and seeing that two of them were soaking, I once again narrowed the fault down to a faulty coil pack. The underlying issue however, was bore wash. While my car was misfiring constantly for about two weeks, the cylinders that weren't sparking were being injected with petrol which was being forced down the bore and into the oil, albeit on a small scale but still contaminating the oil.

    After fitting a brand new Delphi coil pack and set of NGK plugs, I changed the oil and filter as mine smelled of petrol. I was advised to do this by one of the mechanics I work with which I thought was great as personally I'd have never of checked the oil after a bad misfire.

    Coil pack - Delphi CE20009-12B1A
    Spark plugs - NGK ZFR6BP-G
    Engine oil - GM 5w30 dexos2
    Oil filter - FRAM CH10246ECO
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