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Thread: brakes

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    10th August 2017


    Reviving the thread.

    Been looking into replacing the front brake pads because OEM dust like crazy.

    Looking at REMSA pads for my other cars (good for 650* Celsius, EBC redstuff is 760*C, so between the GreenStuff and RedStuff) so i did a quick search...

    As it turned out the REMSA (from Spain) part number is: 0666.32, they are DIRT CHEAP (like 35GBP) for a pair

    Just for the record, thats the exact part as used in the:
    - Mitsubishi Evo 4/8/9/10
    - Subaru WRX/STi (2006-)
    - Cadillac STS

    So the caliper is basically a generic 4 pot from the Brembo part bin.

    Horray for cheap brake pads.
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    Pads for a alfa 166 also fit and are cheaper.... I'm running ebcreds and I like them except in severe cold conditions. When they need a bit of warm up.

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