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    Wink Corsa VXR E superchip bluefin plug & play? 🤔

    Hi guys,

    I've had my Corsa a couple of months now and feel like it's time to be making some changes to the car. My friend works for vauxhall and he recommended the superchip bluefin remap for my VXR, according to the website you gain 28BHP AND 43NM of torque.

    Just posting this on here to see if anyone has used this on their car and what they think of it and is it really worth £300.

    Many thanks
    Camrisden 😎

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    Like all the plug a play re map tools, it comes with its problems.

    Some have no problems and some have major problems.

    Ask yourself this, if it all goes bang can You afford to put it right ?.

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    Pay a little extra and get a proper map

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    Courtenay are working on tuning packages for E vxr. Stage 1 remap is 223bhp. Stage 1.5 with a high flow frontpipe is 237bhp. They're working on a full exhaust system so interesting to see what that comes out as! Check the info out on Courtenay sport blog.

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