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Thread: Only on my car!

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    Default Only on my car!

    so driving along the motorway the other day and at the exit the bugger starts to sound like gunfire under hard acceleration, this happened to me 10k miles ago and I resolved it with a new Delphi coil pack.... thinking it was the same issue I laid off the gas as I had 5 minutes to my destination, on the last leg the level of misfires was ridiculous and the dashboard lit up like an xmas tree! after getting ready to take a giant ratchet to my VXR (I'm not joking!) I calmed down and checked under the bonnet only to find the Coil pack cable had almost come off and was barely making contact how it came apart from the clip is beyond me!

    This was so random I just had to share! but at least it didn't damage my wallet this time. seriously fed up with this car, but no way I will part with it for pennies considering the amount spent on it... not to mention the attachment

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    not heard of that before, lucky you checked it
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