Hi Everyone,

Iv recently purchased a VXR Astra Nurburgring Edition, I've only had it for 1 week and I absolutely love it!

Unfortunately Ive come across a problem. When driving in 1/2 gear around 20mph, i get this grinding noise from the front of the car. However, it is very intermittent and only seems to do it when the car is cold. Originally i though it might be the left wheel so we took the wheels of etc checked nothing was obvious around the brake calipers and disks but nothing popped out at me it all looked fine. My thoughts are that it may be to do with the gear box or clutch? The noise HAPPENS regardless of the accelerator, clutch and brake being pressed in or left out and weather its in gear or neutral.

Sorry if i cannot explain well enough, please if anyone can help me i would appreciate it so much!

I have added a clip of the sound for you to listen to if you could possibly help or have had this problem before. The noise happens between 6 - 11 seconds, its the grinding noise in the background. It seems quite on the recording but from outside its easily noticeable.