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    Default Newbie needing Buying Advice!

    Hi folks,

    Very much so on the brink of getting my first Astra (H) VXR. Test drove a few so far but haven't yet commited due to price and spec not being quite right.

    I've lined up what looks to be like the perfect model for me, but some advice is needed!
    It's an 07 model with sat nav (what i've been looking for). It has a lot of history, including a gearbox recon. MOT until Jan.

    Issues I have with it;

    - Currently has 116k on the clock. Doesn't immediately concern me due to gearbox recon but I want to ask you guys what needs to be thought about with this car at a high mileage (other than the obvious wear and tear of other cars)
    - EML light is on due to turbo-back. I've read previously a specific 02 sensor or blanking plate can resolve this, or even a remap? However my main issue here is MOT time.. I'm awaitng a reply from the owner asking if they have the original cat, but my guess is it can't simply be bolted back on. Advice here would be much appreciated.

    Obviously when I do take the plunge I hope to be very active on here and get to know a few of you, I'm a previous mx5 owner and had a lot of interaction on the mx5nutz forum!



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    Welcome aboard VxrO Karl, I hope you manage to get yourself fixed up with the car that's right for you soon
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