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    I have a 57plate Corsa VXR and the heater will only blow hot air.. even with the AC on and the temp at LOW.. any suggestions??

    Wouldnt mind if it was winter but its horrendous in this heat! windows down isn't cutting it!!

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    Check to see if the pipes for the air con are broken. That would stop the cold coming through even if it is on. If pipes not broken then take it for a check up/refill. Do not run the air con if the system is empty or pipes broken as you might blow a hole in the compressor. This is a very very common fault on the car. Best case is a refill costing about £40, worst case is broken pipe and knackered compressor several hundred pounds. Good luck.

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    More likely to be a wire off to the flap if it's manual controls, or connector/motor if it's a climate control.

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