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started off when bought it
Astra VXR 2005 hybrid cartridge.
K&N cone filter
FMIC Airtec
3" full turbo back double de cat Non res

I decided to remove the Zorst due to the horrific noise and constant pops and bangs
So i fitted a 2.5 miltex double de cat Resonated

I also changed the Filter for a CDTI one with Courtney air filter

since done as per my post on astra H chat.

it goes to 3k on rev counter, then drops boost, need re start car to get going again.

Cars been into Vaux main dealers changed for New MAF new Map Sensor New front boost control solenoid.

Fault code was Boost Control solenoid.
so changed more than 2 times all main dealer new items.
All new hoses Boost pipes.

On tech 2 live data @2986 rpm turbo spools up then the voltage on the BCS drops to almost 0 volts.
Car drives then as a NA

No loose hoses pressure test done etc etc.

Suggested that ecu may have been mapped so re flashed ecu to alleged standard map and with latest software.

Car is exactly the same.

Could it be a coincidence ecu packed up day i changed the exhaust? REALLY??

should i buy a new ecu or will the mapper sort this out>