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    Default Washer bottle removal/replacement

    Hi guys

    Wondering if anyone on here could tell me how difficult and how much hassle it is to remove/inspect the washer pump in my Astra h as it only works when it wants to

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    Much much easier to remove the bumper to gain access. It's clearly visible once it's off and you'll be able to get it from there.

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    You can access it pretty easy from the ns wheel arch just need to peel back the plastic cover Iirc

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    Probably clogged with green algae (a lot of people don't put in washer additive and it grows quite well in the summer months in tap water).
    Careful not to snap the pump when removing it. Get a lever down near the bottom to help pull it out in a straight line.

    Pic courtesy of Russ:

    Corsa is similar and done in a thread here;

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