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That does seem cheap Baz well worth a look and with it being a 2014 you will have the newer chain kit on too. Just do the usual checks on the haldex so reverse lock to lock to feel for any juddering but at the mileage you should be fine. Vx dont state a haldex service but to keep it in tip top condition I would suggest a filter and both fluids changed every 2 years in the unit also if your using vxr mode then turn off the traction and esp mode also dont use vxr mode from standstill only engage it 3rd gear upwards. They are a lovely car and drive a map will transform it in the mid range if you go down that route then make sure its a custom map so go to the likes of courtenay sport. The brembo disks are " ok " and should still have plenty of life in them still and a fresh set of rotas from reyland are half the price and much better when the time comes
Reyland disks are good while they work !! However I've just had one of my front disks crack right through !! Only done 8,000 miles on them, all on the road & never been on the track ! ...... So not the biggest fan of Reyland tbh !!