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    Unhappy Lumpy on cold start up/ spanner light on and car sounding like a lawnmower the cleard

    I recently swaped my car and some cash for a Arctic corsa Vxr he sAid it had a new engine the recite looks like he's done it him self to be fair no address or phone number for where the engine was done jus a recite with mobile mechanic, I'm new to this site today, and really don't know if anyone could help lol Iv had it a week it's been ok a bit lumpy when cold when I start it , but I started it the other morning and it was freezing I opened the door switched engine on turned heater on shut the door and starting scraping the windows, I noticed the car really lumpy bouncing I fort bloody hell I opened the door sat in and the light was on the dash the (control Indcactor for transmition electronics light) (spanner) I reved it and it seemed like there wasn't much power there and was clicking when I reved it didn't sound healthy at all, the light then went off an I was worried about driveing it to work but it drove fine I got to work did my work come out and fort here we go again let try and start it and it was fine I have started it every morning since and it's been fine I just don't know ,??? it's been useing stupid amounts of petrol aswel but that's another thing.. Lol I really don't know if anyone can help me or had this problem before put it on a diagnostic machine and no codes being shown (the diagnostic machine was in the car when I swaped it) says it all kno!!! Well upset cuz I like the car the registration is cx58xck if any use to any one out there thanks u for takeing time to read this lol

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    Hi mate, you have posted this on the VXR E forum. Your car is a VXR D so if you post it on there the lads over there might have more knowledge on your problems.
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    Could be coil pack mate

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