Right guys ive decided that this year i wanna do some mods to the engine and looking at a fmic to start i already have piper cross filter and remus full system and mapped but i really cant justify paying the £500 £600 bill on a cooler when i only do about 500 miles a year in the car so looking at post on some of the cheaper fmic and some universal ones and seen some ppl get good results using them, so whats the best sort of fmic to use without killing the bank and what kind of size will be best if i went for a universal one im not saying im going to buy a £50 cooler and get £500 cooler results i just not sure what im really looking for and im sure this has been covered some time ago i have been looking at some toyosport ones but not sure if it the right size but seen others but with no name but look quite good,so whats the crack with them before i just decide to scrap the idea and just leave it sat in the garage abit longer lol