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    Default Decat ? Air filter ?

    Just purchased a monaro vxr 5.7 lovely clean car. Just a after bit of advice , it has a wortec exhaust but I didn't no if it was worth decating it and replacing the filter for either cone type or cold air induction type , would decating put the management light on also thanks any advice appreciated

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    From what I have heard (I'm sure someone will correct me if I am wrong), the stock cats are very free flowing and you pretty much get zero gains from upgrading or decatting the cars. So unless you are going for big power (800bhp+) then they are not a bottleneck.

    Im still getting to grips with the LS engines but i've come from a background of tuning Japanese V8's which do tend to trigger engine codes when you decat them. This being because there is a pre/post cat lambda, which expects the flow to be within a certain range. Decat causes reads outside the range so it thinks there is a fault. Id expect the LS engines to be the same.

    I have a used K&N Induction Kit if you are interested. I just removed it on my 6.0 VXR.

    I believe these are about £250 new. Would take £100 cash for it. Its got all the pipe/heat shield/fittings/brackets/nut/bolts etc
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    My vxr8 used to throw codes after the exhaust and cats were done but I had MF disable those codes and problem solved

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