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    Default Corsa VXR Engine ratlle

    My corsa VXR has a slight engine rattle when idle and also if you lightly push the accelerator.

    No rhythm to the rattle but is really annoying. Was serviced yesterday (5/2/2017) with a complete oil change and i hoped this may have solved it but I was wrong.

    My dad seems to reckon it may be the tappets that need readjusting???

    Any ideas??

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    i have know the duel mass flywheel to rattle on idle and a low rpm when there is excess play in it.

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    Try exactly what you have tried with the clutch depressed and first gear engaged. If the rattle stops it's either the flywheel or the first motion shaft in the gearbox. I've had a similar rattle that you have described for 3 1/2 years and it not got any worse. Mine is either flywheel or gearbox.

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