Hello all,

First off .... I don't have a VXR!!!

Got the closest thing to it, the Sri 200.

You guys might be able to help me with a couple of things knowing Astra's,

Suspension, currently have JOM on it I think or some other eBay make, was on its **** but snapped a spring, got new rear springs, size different so the ride at the back is stepped, took the wheel off the coilover adjuster is jammed, no allen key or second adjuster to lock it into position so wasn't confident on it staying in position if I ever did get it to adjust?

Have decided I'll just change them for some new ones same make as it was glued to the road before the spring went, BUT what else do i need? at the moment there is a knocking noise caused by the rear springs maybe twisting a bit from what I've read, Is it supposed to have something between the spring and the car on the back or is that the whole setup? Adjuster at the bottom and the spring just slots in at the top? Is there supposed to be something there?

Other than that what clips do I need to put side skirts on as my driver side is coming away from the car a bit.

Cheers if anyone knows anything.