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    Default Air-co manual to climate control

    Hi all
    Does anyone know if it is a straight forward plugin swap to upgrade from Manual air-co to Climate control, with Climate control Fascia?Climate Control Fascia.jpg

    Cheers Pancellorum

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    Fancy taking your dash out? and swapping your dash loom and Heater unit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keif View Post
    Fancy taking your dash out? and swapping your dash loom and Heater unit?
    That will be a no its not plug and play - there is a dash sensor plus the dash loom that needs changing out before you get anywhere near it working - you'll probably have to fiddle with the BCM settings with TechII as well to activate the correct settings.

    I think this is up there with the AFL's on the amount of things you need to change to get working!!

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    I'm Mr retrofit at the moment, but there's no way in hell i'd ever attempt to retrofit climate lol
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