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    Quote Originally Posted by Astra_VXR View Post
    Yes mate, had the Hybrid fitted as well. If I was you and would be interested and not sure how much an emission test would cost on the fly, but worth a bash mate before MoT in May, it just saves the hassles.... The only note I have on the test is that the CO2 is MAX 0.2 and mine was on the fast Idle @ 2700 rpm but normal idle it was well under. All other tests on emission fly past...

    It will pass the emissions mate but if the inspector sticks to the rules it has to have 2 CAT's in, that's the problem. But mine was ok to be fair they did try a few times but the CO was out

    Where did you get your HJS from mate and how much if I can ask please.
    Sports cat pipe -

    It will be MOT at my local garage, and I have spoken with the garage already. I have been advised to tell them to run it before the MOT as they will be doing a service as well.
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