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    Default Astra H 1.6 twinport to VXR

    Hi all, just signed up to this forum to find out a bit more info from the experts

    Basically, I have a twinport 1.6 astra and the piston rings are going, I don't personally want to spend the money nor time replacing them so instead I've decided to make the entire car a project - I've recently purchased a Z20LEH engine and am currently stripping it down to check all the internals etc etc..

    Question is - what will the wiring be like to put the Z20LEH in place of the Z16XEP?
    As in, would I need to completely change all the engine/interior loom? Or would it be easier?

    I've looked under the fuse box and the plugs for the VXR engine loom is the same as the existing ones, so are my right in assuming that i'll just need a VXR ECU kit and replace engine loom and all be good?

    Other option is standalone management which I don't really want too at this stage..

    Thanks in advance guys


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    Probably easier to get a vxr loom and ecu saves you faffing around splicing wires etc. Are you carrying out the conversion yourself?
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