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    Default Silicone Replacement for the Rubbish Thermostat Housing to Header Tank Pipe


    My plastic hose that runs from the thermostat housing back to the header tank fractured at the connector the other week while i was cleaning.

    We know this is a fairly common problem and a new pipe costs about 20 quid from Vauxhall.

    However, i've replaced mine with some silicone hosing so for anyone who wants to do similar here are the parts you'll need;

    - 1 x 90 degree connector with 13 mm internal diameter;

    - 1 x 90 degree connector with 8 mm internal diameter;

    - 1 x 12mm-8mm reducing connector;

    - 1 x 8mm T piece connector;

    - 2 x hose clips to suit 13mm diameter pipe (i've used 18-25mm);

    - 2 x hose clips to suit 13mm diameter pipe (i've used 13-20mm);

    - Silicone pipe cutter (not required but does better job than a stanley knife!);

    Total cost was about £25 and its less likely to break like an OE one.

    End result;

    Corsa SRI Turbo and Facelift Corsa 1.4 SE

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    Very nice good job .
    stage 3

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    Nice job. Thanks for that. I will go that route.

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